Currently Fossil Fuel is about two thirds (66%) of New Zealand’s energy mix

(overlay is just to show approximate size, not necessarily source)

The electrification of transport will transfer a large part of the oil energy requirements to electricity (EV tsunami)

Residential electricity use is about a third of total electricity use, the infrastructure cannot cope with the industrial quantities of power needed for transport

The electrification of Process Heat will transfer a large part of gas and coal energy to electricity.

If current electricity generation (150PJ) was superimposed on that chart (as it derives its energy from those sources in the chart) it would only cover approx 17% of the total circle (900PJ).

If in the next decade or two or three we phase out Fossil Fuel we need to find other sources of energy to convert into electricity


Currently Solar and wind only contribute 8PJ !!!!.

The total electricity supply we need to aim for is 450PJ

Hydro opportunities are already largely used.

Geothermal can grow but all of the ‘low hanging fruit’ has been picked.

If Solar and Wind are developed extensively to provide more power there will need to be massive power storage systems and base load and peaker plants. But will take 30 years.

NOTICE solar and wind do not feature as a major source of energy

Distributed roof top solar and battery systems are an idealistic dream which will help but cannot provide more than 10% of the solution.

There should already be huge pumped storage facilities under construction as I write.

Biocoal can provide the missing PJs while providing rural employment and enhancing forestry.

Read ‘Without the Hot Air’ https://www.withouthotair.com/