Zero Carbon bill

A Zero Carbon Bill without feasible energy replacement measures will destroy our society and economy.

The problem is that generally people in all walks of life take fossil fuels for granted. It is impossible to imagine our current society sans Fossil Fuel.

Fossil fuels are to all extents a miraculous intervention in the course of human history.

Replacing fossil fuels in a way that does not destroy our quality of life is a massive undertaking.

Just TALKING about it and paying professional report writers in their ivory towers will achieve nothing on its own.

Neither striking school children or princes speaking at Davos is really going to have any tangible change effect.

We need to build energy infrastructure, real steel, real copper, real concrete, etc while energy prices are still low.

A few windfarms and a few solar farms will achieve NOTHING
In excess of $100 billion needs to be invested to reduce fossil fuel emissions to below 1990 levels

However as soon as there is money available for this, there will be a 'lollie scramble' of unscrupulous and naive most probably increasing the CO2 enissions and not returning any long term benefit.
The capitalist mindset needs to morph to an energy basis rather than monetary
Thinking Joules not Dollars
Thinking return over decades not annually
Understand the 'Laws of Thermodynamics' rather than fractional banking and the stockmarket,


Anybody who blithely supports the Zero Carbon Bill needs a reality check

There is a massive amount of Fossil Energy to replace with Carbon Neutral sourced electricity

If we are not careful we will fall into an energy poverty trap where renewables (wind and solar) do not create enough energy to replace themselves or permit progress