Not a show pony express, I am not interested in a classy expensive website.

I have written this website to educate you the reader that Renewable Energy in New Zealand will fail UNLESS we start using torrefied forest residue.

I am not trying to influence or persuade you. You need to come to your own conclusion.

The emphasis in the website is on data, information, knowledge and enlightenment.

Biocoal is about energy in quantities of 100s of PetaJoules (PJ) .

EVs and Process Heat need 100s of PetaJoules of electricity to replace Fossil Fuels.

Wind and Solar are only ever going to be (a small) part of the answer.

STOP being ignorant and educate yourself!!!!.

If you don't want Nuclear Power in NZ we have to use biocarbon from trees, trees are a solar panel - battery combo

"A bit like everything with this Government, it's a huge amount of talk, not a lot of planning to actually deliver on the big talk.” says National Party Transport spokesperson Chris Bishop.

How many climate change activists actually do something constructive to change the status quo?

How many green politicians really understand the significance of fossil fuel in constructing the society they live in?

Previous sophisticated societies relied on slavery.

Only by adding the products of plant photosynthesis accumulated over a geological age to the annual cycle of photosynthesis, which had previously been the source of almost all the energy available for human use, could the energy barrier that had constrained growth so severely in the past be overcome.

Annual energy accumulation rate in biomass is approximately 1Wm2

Thus 1 hectare is worth 10KW * 8760 hours in a year = 87600KWhrs per year = 315GJ = 8,204litres of diesel or 14 tonne low grade coal

Billion trees? We actually need 1.5 billion extra trees

There are many ‘Funding Junkies’ out there whose area of expertise is the procurement of funding, that is their principle line of work. Unfortunately there are some ‘official’ Research and Development establishments who year after year receive many millions of dollars. They rate their success by how much funds they procure not by what they have successfully developed and commercialized. They are recognisable by their focus on influence, beautiful websites and lack of commercialisation of any Research and Development.